ePromote FAQ

How does the ePromote solution increase the effectiveness of ads?

  • Advertisements are done 365 days a year (no down time for holidays or weekends)
  • Ads are spread out throughout the day so they appear on the first page several times a day
  • Our expert staff monitors changes to sites and rules daily. We continuously update our solution to stay abreast of these rules to avoid down time in your advertising programs
  • Ads are monitored for flagging and ghosting so corrections can be made immediately. We also routinely implement best practices to minimize flagging and ghosting
  • ePromote helps create and rotate creative titles to increase responses and minimize flagging or ghosting
  • ePromote automatically removes ads when products are sold, preventing unnecessary sales calls
  • ePromote automatically updates ads when prices or photos change ensuring accuracy
  • Our solution provides excellent performance reports that enable advertisers to make better pricing and purchasing decisions
  • Our solution provides support for custom policies. For example, advertiser's can post specific products in specific markets. Or, post the lowest priced items early in the day
  • ePromote provides spam protection to make sure employees do not have to waste time reading and removing spam

How does the ePromote solution increase the number and accuracy of on-line ads?

  • The software templates quickly and easily produce professional ads, eliminating the need to build each ad manually, write html or copy and paste before posting
  • Dealers save time by reducing human error
  • Dealers can correct errors from inventory at any time without pulling and reposting an ad
  • Ads are automatically deleted when a product sells
  • One ad goes to multiple sites. Advertiser's do not have to rebuild a new ad for each site
  • Ads can be posted consistently every day

What is flagging and ghosting?

If an ad is flagged, it was flagged by a user on the classified site, or by the site itself. This means that an ad did go live but a user thought it was inappropriate (for example, if you post an ad in the wrong city, the section was incorrect or the content of your ad appears spammy). Ads being ghosted/deleted usually occur when the content of your ad triggered a spam filter on classified site.

How can ePromote assist with flagging and ghosting of ads?

ePromote complies with ad site Terms of Use which reduces flagging and ghosting. For example, we limit the number of ads posted daily and the frequency in which the same ad is posted. Also, we provide the most comprehensive flagging and ghosting reporting available. You don't have to search and confirm that each ad is posted. We continuously work to update templates to reduce flagging.

Why it is important to comply with an ad site's Terms of Use?

With some sites, every time an ad is posted, you must click an "I accept" button, agreeing to the Terms of Use page. In it the business agrees to pay up to $1000 for each ad that is posted by outside the Terms of Use. If a dealer is non-compliant with the Terms of Use, ads will be permanently blocked from the site. And lastly, the sites may sue for non-compliance.

Why should the advertiser install software on their computers?

The ePromote software needs to be installed on a computer within the store and local to the posting market. Most sites do not allow proxy servers. Using them is a violation of rules and the advertiser's IP address could be banned or blocked.

What can ePromote software do that non-compliant posters cannot?

  • We stay abreast of Terms of Use and build our software to help automatically comply with the site’s Terms of Use. For example, we make sure ads are not posted in the two different markets at the same time.
  • With ePromote, products are automatically removed when they are sold.
  • We provide ghosting and flagging reports.
  • ePromote allows an advertiser to change the content of ads once they are posted.

Can an advertiser post an item in two different markets?

Posting the same product at the same time in two different cities violates the Terms of Use for ad sites. However, ePromote will distribute different ads daily between cities so the advertiser gets coverage in both areas. The cities should be within driving distance of your location.

Can the advertiser see how many clicks they are getting on the ads?

Yes, we provide a report showing how many times each ad was viewed. Our reports also indicate if an ad has been flagged or ghosted. With our service we monitor this and assist with reposting. We also report on click stats by product and price so advertiser's can make educated buying decisions.

Can emails from the consumer go to any CRM system?

Yes, ePromote can forward an email in XML as well as text format to the advertiser's CRM software.

How do you get access to inventory?

We work with all the major feed providers. We get data feeds from them and compose ads based on this information. We don’t poll the DMS, nor can we access any files on the advertiser's computers.

How often do you receive inventory feeds?

We get inventory feeds every night. Changes to inventory will show up in the ads the following day. However, ads can be updated or deleted at any time during the day in the ’Manage Inventory’ area.

Can the dealer change ads before the daily feed (for example, if a product sells)?

Yes, dealers can make changes anytime using the 'Adjust Prices' icon.

How can the dealer view which ads are active?

ePromote provides a report listing all active ads. Dealers can click directly to an ad from this report.

How are ads created?

ePromote creates ads from the templates that the dealer chooses at signup. We can also create simple text ads. The dealer can change templates at any time. We also have a section in the product called 'My Profile' where the dealer puts contact names and numbers, disclaimers, slogans and titles. This information will show up in all ads and can be updated at any time.

Can the dealer send data to AutoTrader and/or Cars.com?

Yes, if the dealer has an account, we can transfer data to them.

Does the dealer need to install any software on their PC?

Yes, in order to comply with site rules, ads have to be posted from your computer and network. We reccomend that you install the software on three computers. Installation is simple and takes five to seven minutes. We recommend you install the software on three computers so if one machine is turned off, your ads continue to post.

Will the dealer need a separate ePromote account for each location?

Yes, to stay in compliance with with most classified sites and their Terms of Use, each location needs to download the ePromote software.