CallFocus (Instant Lead Response)

CallFocus is our lead response technology that instantly connects you with any form request on your business website.

**WOW** your customer with a quick 30 second response, show them that they are important to you.

Stop them from shopping with your competitors.

Statistically we know for every hour that you do not answer your customer’s request, the chances reaching them on the telephone and or scheduling an appointment decreases. We also know that almost half of all leads received at a business never get a response, or are lost due to a delayed response. CallFocus by Press1toTalk will solve each of those issues along with giving you the ability to connect to the customer within seconds. Yes, within seconds!

Connecting to your customer within seconds of them submitting an online request!

  • Over 48% of Internet Leads are ignored by a salesperson

Gain a competitive edge over your competition by making sure ALL of your leads are responded to with a phone call.

  • If you don’t call your leads, they are not going to close.

Buyers still want to speak with salespeople or consultants before making a decision.

  • He who contacts the customer first, WINS!

We have multiple product offerings to ensure that you are FIRST to respond to a customers sales inquiry. Make sure you are first to respond to their request and stop the shopping.

  • CallFocus can ring/call up to 6 phone numbers, looking for a “live person” to talk to the customer?
  • CallFocus can ring a different phone after business hours – never miss another purchase request!
  • CallFocus is completely FTC-DNC (Do Not Call) compliant!
  • Nothing is installed or changed on your site or CRM tool – simple integration with all systems!